Want to launch award-winning intelligent effective data-driven brilliant sophisticated efficient successful Out-of-Home advertising campaigns? We’ve got the tech and the savvy to help…
We’re Project X — the fastest growing independent Out-of-Home media specialist in the U.S.
What does that mean? We've taken a brand-new approach to an age-old medium and produced serious results for a diverse set of clients.
Our Technology

We saw an opportunity to bring greater insight and efficiency to the medium of OOH with software, so we built a platform (called ADstruc) to transform the way OOH campaigns are put together.

By centralizing the industry's data and automating transactional work, we unlocked time for our team to focus on a higher level of strategy and client service than had been previously possible.

Plus we enabled a more audience-driven approach to OOH — one that better aligns with brands' digital and social efforts.

Our Culture

We assembled a team of all stars from across the OOH industry and gave them the most advanced tools in the business + the autonomy to do what they do best.

As a result, our service is responsive and accountable — unencumbered by the rigidity found in legacy organizations.

We’re energetic. We’re nimble. We’re hungry.
And we’re built to help manage every aspect of your OOH advertising campaigns:


Using data to identify the right markets, formats and budgets for your objectives


Your sole point of contact for every OOH format (digital + traditional) in every DMA


Printing, shipping and posting your campaign — on time and at competitive rates


Ensuring campaign success, providing proof of posting and performance reports
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